We are connectors. Truth tellers. Stigma smashers. Guardians of good vibes.

We were inspired to create Higher Space because cannabis provides that little slice of calm in a world that’s gone certifiably bonkers. Cannabis creates good. It can transform our broken bits and connect us to ourselves and others.

Not too shabby for a simple little plant.

Maybe you haven’t seen a joint in 20 years. Or you light up occasionally after the kids have gone to bed. Perhaps you’ve steered clear of cannabis your entire life. And now you’re ready to lace up your boots and start exploring. Cannabis will take you deeper into the heart of yourself. More truth. Less bullshit. That’s the power of the flower.

Our passion lies in creating a judgment-free community around the wellness benefits of cannabis consumption. This includes eliminating tired old stigmas and cultivating more compassion, inclusion, and self-awareness. We want to answer your questions, have conversations, and create a safe space to explore the positive benefits of cannabis use. Knowledge is everything (and so are these socks).


Kimberly Murphy is the founder of Higher Space, as well as other cannabis-forward brands such as Stoner Chick and Daybuzzing. In her mid-30s, she found herself working a ton of hours for a company she loved. Good for the soul. Bad for the body. Flying across the country multiple times every month threw her body’s rhythms out of whack. When her stress reached epic proportions, a well-intentioned doctor prescribed Ambien to help Kimberly sleep. The drug messed up her system even more and created an unhealthy reliance on a pill to help her relax at night.

Another doctor prescribed cannabis as a potential tool for helping with her sleep issues. Kimberly visited a dispensary and bought her first [ounce?] of flower. Friends taught her how to smoke it. Sleep was no longer a problem. Sanity was restored. There was space to breathe and just “be.” Cannabis gave her the clarity and calmness needed to deal with the challenges in her personal relationship as well.

This happy little plant changes lives.

In 2009, Kimberly opened a medical dispensary in California and continues to rally around the mental benefits of cannabis use.

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