Doobtube Odorless Carry Case

Product image 1Doobtube Odorless Carry Case
Product image 2Doobtube Odorless Carry Case
Product image 3Doobtube Odorless Carry Case
Product image 4Doobtube Odorless Carry Case

Regular price $10.00

Whether you’re going out for the newspaper, heading to the board room or fighting villains, take along the The Ultimate Sleek Doob Tubes Carry Case.

This leather B. Wayne 1 houses one Sweat, Water and Smell Proof Doob Tubes.  Doob Tubes are the ultimate spliff/joint/blunt holder. No more bent, broken or flattened....

Take B. Wayne anywhere you go to keep your pre-roll dry and safe. Go ahead, be a superhero with this Dark Knight Version blunt holder. 

Dimensions 5 1/2" x 1 1/4" x 3/4"

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